Monday, June 11, 2012

Lyrics (Over)Analysis - Please Please Me by The Beatles


You know The Beatles get the reputation as the clean-cut friendly rock band whilst the Rolling Stones are the dirty, bad-boy and sleazy equivalent. In reality though they are both dirty and sleazy but one band are more open about it in their image. The evidence I place is with their number one hit “Please Please Me” which is a song about Lennon trying to guilt trip his girlfriend (or maybe wife) to give him oral sex despite her reluctance to do that.

The Beatles written
"Last night I said these words to my girl
I know you never even try girl"

So Lennon is criticising the girl for not trying to "please" him (aka oral sex).

"Come on, come on, come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on. come on"

The protagonist is trying to encourage her to loosen her inhibition and the repetitiveness of come on signifies that he is desperate for it and is pestering her for a long time (although this would have been more effective in bringing the message across if the producer alternate the panning of each 'come on' from full pan left and full pan right to make it sound like the girl is being bombarded with request and each come on was increasing in volume to signify the growing desperation from the protagonist. Unfortunately production technique and making use of the stereo field wasn't that develop back then)

"Please please me, oh yeah like I please you"

After all the come on and all the effort trying to convince her, he lets off in frustration that he is willing to get down on her but she won't

"You don't need me to show the way love
Why do I always have to say love?"

Lennon is basically saying that this should be second nature to her and that he shouldn't have to try to convince her to do this and talk with her through the steps.

"I don't want to sound complaining
But you know there's always rain in my heart
I do all the pleasin' with you
It's so hard to reason with you
Oh yeah why do you make me blue"

Yep and this bridge just continues on the theme that Lennon is calling her a selfish lover. That she has an entitlement that the guy has to do all the pleasing and make the girl happy gets nothing back in return.

What a disgusting dirty song by The Beatles.

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