Monday, November 22, 2010

First Post

Hi everyone
I'm a usually a pretty opinionated person and so I'm blogging to give my five cents worth on things that interested me. I realised that in real life, I should shut my mouth and don't get into heated debate or I may end up causing unnecessary tensions. So now I'm using the internet to vent my spleen.

This will mostly focus on Music, Football, Science Fiction/Star Trek (beware, this will be incredibly nerdy) and the occasional politics.

Before, I normally write under my internet pseudonym dasilva (It was just based on a Sri Lankan cricket player called Aravinda De Silva (yeah it's spelt a bit differently) back in the days when I was interested in cricket.) but now I'm writing under my real name and not hide behind anonymity.

Who knows, maybe one day that will cost me employment.

In any case due to real life, this blog will be infrequently updated. Sometimes I will post out 10+ articles in a fortnight, other times I won't write anything for numerous months.

If anyone is interested in other things I do. I also write songs and upload it here . I have a Star Trek edit comedy video channel (yep I'm a geek) here and I write football articles at

By the way, there will be a lot of grammatical mistakes in my writing. I'm afraid English is my second language (even though my ability to speak my first language is basically non-existent nowadays)

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